Goods exchange website "Sharovar"

Classifieds board, stock exchange, social network. You can buy, sell, read an interesting blog here.

Status Finished

Developing of online environment for goods and services sales from one hand, comfortable interface for seeking and purchasing from the other one.

Implementation of work

Drawing clear plan

Marketing research

Development of schemes or prototypes

Development of design

Coding for PCs, smartphones, tablets


Testing, bug fixes, uploading to the server


Effective web product

Loading ~1 sec, weight ~5 Mb

Editing of all information in the admin panel

A set of tools for SEO promotion

Warranty 3 years!

Development results

After productive discussions with the Customer, we have developed design which became effective at the stage of converting visitors into calls and suitable for the Customer


Responsive sites

The site is automatically transformed for display in different sizes, providing visitors with comfort while viewing both on the PC and on smartphones, tablets, etc.

Also, the presence of responsive css code has positive effect on the position of the site in Google and Yandex.


Below see the interface elements, which are often used by visitors.


The minimum number of clicks to achieve the desired result - is one of the most important tasks in the development.


In the admin panel, you can edit everything, including:

sections and subsections of menu, contact information, form fields, sliders, articles, news, products, filters, cutting of images, exchange rates, etc.

Thus the word "Edit" means add, delete, sort, hiding.


Content management system provides the possibility of unlimited extension functions, such as:

database management, users management;

integration with email and SMS mailings;

integration with mail services;

storage, accounting systems and more.

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