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Website development

The issue of creating websites all modern companies view as a required element of advertising - or rather, a web site - it's part of thecompany in Internet. Along with the creation of a site in this section, we will focus on web design, search engine optimization and promotion.

Business card website - a few pages with a unique design, a description of the company, contacts, feedback. Usually a temporary site while constructing the corporate website.
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Business website has a specific strategic tasks that are performed by a specific set of tools and functionalities.
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Corporate site - a project, which aims to show visitors all the information about the company, its services, products, methods of cooperation, partners, suppliers, dealers and the like. Typically such sites used nonstandard functions.
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Online Shop - a resource that is designed to sell products or services online. Contains a catalogue, filters, cart, blocks of promotional products, new products, etc.; blocks of articles, news, banner; extended product descriptions; sophisticated search a
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Social sites are designed to record a large number of users and of the individual in the fast and convenient systems of interaction between them.
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Web portal - highly loadable resource, which is a huge number of informative pages allocated by the complex structure of the portal menu, attract income instruments, on-line services, etc.
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Site development. Types of sites

There is no clear allocation of sites for today, therefore various companies grouped them differently. We offer the following division sites by type:

Site card

Site card has a maximum simplicity and brevity. Typically, these sites contain several sections with brief information about the company. Often, site card is developed in order to save money, because this site is one of the easiest and cheapest.

Business site

Business site - the best solution for small and medium businesses. Typically, these sites contain such components as tree-menus, catalogs, reservation or order, online services, registration with unique functions and features and more.

Corporate website

Corporate site - is a very complex complete resource, in which are individual unique features, inherent only to a particular industry, technology etc.This site takes a lot of work, saves time, advertises company, engages staff, seeking partners and more.

Online store

Online buying has reached the level where usual store sells less than a virtual one. Online store is the product catalog broken by categories, with filters, search, different types of sorts, feature articles and more. Distinguish it from the usual catalog site prsence of basket, by which help you can buy online. Also, online stores have a lot of features hidden from visitors: database with users, e-mail and sms sending, store orders, statistics, automated download price lists and more.

Web portal

Web Portal - is a unusual resource, that performs in each case different functions. Typically, portals focused on bringing the best possible content public, that provides consistently high attendance, access to information of millions of users, the ability to manipulate of general idea like. Get money from advertising and paid services.

Web site development. The steps in creating a website

Collection of information – periodfrom the moment of first contact with Customer to the moment of signing the contract of site development or graphic design.

Generating ideas – is a process of selection an options of project realization concerning the appearance of site, its functioning, technical features, psychological perception of structure and range of colors etc, as well as value and terms of development.

Design is made according modern fashion trends; of course taking into account Customers requirements and if needed, we will consider few sites as samples of Customer’s preferences.

Layout – process of web pages formation for all modern Browsers (InternetExplorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari).

Programming part is a modern content management system Bereka CMS. It is our own patent content management system. It will help you edit absolutely everything that is placed in your site without our help. Let us note that our CMS doesn’t have analogues in Western Ukraine (you can make sure in it when we will demonstrate its advantages).

After installing the ready site on the server it becomes Your property, You become its administrator, we provide only advisory support.  If you are not able to provide site administration, we will take this function. Also, while site developing, we take into account principles of search optimization: create preconditions for further improving the rating of the newly created site (for details see “Web site search optimization”).


The technology used in the development of sites


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