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Buy hosting (ftp, php, vps hostind)

Hosting - server space, where hosts web sites (their files). To organize a small corporate site will be sufficient to 100 Mb, for a small online store 1024 Mb (1 Gb). For a large online store attendance of more than 1,000 unique visitors a day to buy a shared hosting (vps hosting) or a dedicated server.

Where to buy hosting

To buy hosting pass the following steps:

1. Click http://my.aiwebhost.com/;

2. Click the "Hosted Services";

3. Choose a Web Hosting Plan and click on "Order";

4. Choose: "I ​​want the AiWebHost.com zaregistrirovaly new domain for me." or "I'll update the Name- server to an existing domain or register a new domain." and click on "Click to continue";

5. Select the billing cycle, and then click "Add to Cart";

6. Click the "Update Cart";

7. Enter promo code "websufix" and get 10% discount;

8. Click "Continue";

9. Fill in your details, choose payment method and press "Complete order";

10. Click the "Pay" button in the upper right corner of the monitor;

11. Select a payment method and click "Pay" bottom-right corner of the monitor;

12. Spend a payment according to the payment method and press the reset button on the site;


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