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Ready business. Franchising from company “SUFIX” – informational technologies, software web development

Franchising from company “SUFIX” – it’s one of the most efficient ways of business spreading and development. Essential advantages:

  • the company offers services, the demand on which grows each day
  • the company offers innovational information technologies and software developments, that are based on principles of maximization of service and minimization of financial expenses
  • we provide complete information and business model of making the business
  • we provide You with all necessary software
  • we help You with search and teaching staff
  • we give possibilities to occupy new sectors of market – help to extend field of Your activity
  • we provide high-quality advertising support
  • we always consult our partners

Brief information:

  • the company was founded in 2009
  • opening of franchise network
  • business is expanding all over the world


  • startup capital: 5 000$ - 10 000$
  • franchise price: 0$ (first 10)
  • royalty (monthly payments): 20%+
  • recoupment: 4-6 months
  • profits: from 3 000 $/month
  • term of franchise contract: 10 years with possibility of prolongation

Our experience and support ensure you a stable income and steady development of Your business.

Please call for more detailed information or send a request – we will contact You.

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